About Us

Rave Fireworks is a professional fireworks display company based in Lincolnshire. The company was born from our passion and enjoyment of pyrotechnics and we want the public to share and witness that passion from our stunning displays. Our shows are electronically fired by BPA (British Pyrotechnists Association) trained, experienced professionals. Each show is carefully choreographed to the customers wishes and only the highest quality fireworks are used. We cover a wide range of events for example wedding's, bonfire celebrations and public displays. Our prices include a site assessment, £5 million public liability insurance cover, a beautifully designed display and the site left how we found it. We pride ourselves on customer safety and satisfaction which is of paramount importance at Rave Fireworks.

  • Fireworks Shop

    Fireworks Shop

    High quality, low cost fireworks:

    • Rockets
    • Multi Shot Cakes
    • Single Ignition Barrages
    • Free Lincoln Delivery

  • Bonfire Displays

    Bonfire Displays

    Ideal for:

    • Council & Village Displays
    • Public Events
    • Schools & Clubs
    • Private Events

  • Wedding Displays

    Wedding Displays

    Ideal for:

    • Wowing Your Family
    • Surprising Your Guests
    • Spectacular Addition to Your Big Day
    • Ending Your Day With a Bang

  • Special Events

    Special Events

    Ideal for:

    • Corporate Events
    • Balls, Proms & Parties
    • Birthdays & Anniversaries
    • Christmas Lights & New Year’s Eve

  • Low Noise Displays

    Low Noise Displays

    Ideal for:

    • Venues With Restrictions
    • Clients With Low Noise Preference
    • Audiences With Sensory Considerations e.g Special Schools
    • Wedding's, Bonfire & Special Events

  • Display Extra's

    Display Extra's

    Why not:

    • Add that extra wow
    • Create your own spectacle
    • Go that little bit bigger
    • Personalise your display